Templeton Location Change News


We will be moving our Templeton facility into Fitness Evolution, a fitness gym located in Atascadero. We are excited to have our martial arts program in a professional space with MORE MAT SPACE! In addition to our existing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing and kids classes members will have access to:

•Weight Room
•Fitness Equipment
•Exercise Bikes, Elliptical, and other Cardio Equipment
•Locker Room and Showers
•Child Care
•And last, but definitely not least, AIR CONDITIONING!!! 🏼

We have been looking to increase our mat space as the size of our kids and adult classes have grown. We will almost double our existing mat space and provide our members with additional benefits. The parents also have the option sign up for a Fitness Evolution membership of only $9.99 per month and can workout while their children train! (Parents who currently have memberships with us will have access to the gym facility with no additional cost) We are expecting to move into Fitness Evolution sometime around the middle to late April. Fitness Evolution is centrally located at 8665 El Camino Real just south of the Curbaril Exit, less than 10 minutes south of the Templeton gym. We are very thankful for this opportunity and the support we’ve been receiving from our members and our community over the years. What a wonderful and bright future ahead of us. Now, let’s train more & have fun!


There will be no changes to our schedules or rates. Beginning April 1 current members are welcome to go over to Fitness Evolution and change your membership over to their system. They will have a master list of our members and be ready to set up your and your families membership. This is a great opportunity to meet their wonderful front desk staff, see the facilities and start your general gym membership early if that is something you would like to do. This will help us ensure a smooth transition when we complete the move mid-late April. Please email us or call us when you change your membership over so that we can close out your account in our current system.

They will also be able to give you more info on the childcare program they are starting. The current info we received is thatis $14.99 a month per child and the hours are from 8-noon and 4-8pm Mon-Fri. They are hoping to expand the morning hours to 8-1pm and add Saturday this next month.

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Posted on March 21, 2017 .